Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Our Favorite Basil

We are big fans of basil at this house - we'll eat it fresh, in sauces, as pesto, on salads - you name it, we're game.  In past years, I've always grown the typical Genovese basil with its large leaves.  It's an easy grower and we always have more than we know what to do with by the end of the summer.

I had to do a second round of plantings this summer (thanks to the hens eating all of the first seeds/seedlings I planted in the garden) and started most of what I have from plants.  I stumbled upon boxwood basil this year, and we are loving it.  It's very fragrant and full of flavor, but best of all - it's easy.  It's like rosemary in the easy department - all I have to do is strip the leaves off of the stems and you're ready to go.  No chopping.  No chiffonading.  Just wash and it's ready.  It would also work well as a border plant.  I see lots more boxwood basil in our future.

In other news, we're now getting 3-4 eggs/day.  When we started this whole chicken experiment, 3-4 eggs/day didn't really seem like all that much.  I'm now staring at a dozen eggs, and we've eaten eggs every day for the last few days.  I foresee lots of freezing, making egg muffins, and giving away eggs in the future.  But we love it - it's so nice to walk out to the coop around lunchtime every day to find fresh eggs.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Latest Projects

About 3 months ago, I left a great job working with fabulous folks to focus on home a little more.  Aside from getting to spend a lot more (much needed) quality time with my favorite little dude, I've gotten to take care of some nagging projects around the house.  Several rooms have been painted, I finished my first cross stitch pattern in about 10 years, and finally got around to building a craft/sewing table.  Now I just need to learn to use my sewing machine.

The inspiration for the craft table came from For Me, For You.  I ordered the legs on Ebay and purchased the large block of wood from a local home improvement store - they cut it to 5' x 3' for me.  I just had to stain it and attach the legs.  Because I'm on the shorter side and I like to sit up high to my table, this table is actually pretty low.   This allows me to sit up high without having to move my chair up so high that my feet don't touch the ground.

Loving this new table.  Very easy project, and I love that it is imperfect.  Will be great for sewing, wrapping, and other crafts.
I don't really like elephants.  But I thought this guy was too cute.

Super Fresh

Sunday was the day!  The day that we got our first egg.  We weren't really expecting anything for another month or so, but when I went to close up the hens for the night, there it was!  Since we weren't sure how long that one had been out there, we did not eat it.  The next morning, though, I went out to the coop and found another that had just been laid.  It made a very tasty breakfast.

I'm not sure who exactly is laying the eggs at this point, but I do know it's either Mary Jo or Julia. After waiting all of these months for the girls to grow up and start producing eggs, it's lots of fun to finally be getting some.  If you ever need a good object lesson in patience, get some baby chicks.