Friday, January 8, 2010

Weekly Menu

It was helpful to me in the past to post weekly menus here, mainly because I invariably lose the piece of paper the menu is written on, but also becaue I can look back over several weeks to see what kind of variety we've had and whether or not we're eating too much or too little of something.

Since I like to do my grocery shopping in the quiet and solitude that is Friday night, I've stayed with that schedule. There were several things in Everyday Food from this month that I wanted to try, so those are heavy on the menu this week.

Friday: Salmon with green beans, risotto, spinach
Saturday: BBQ (party)
Sunday: Slow-cooker chili, crunchy breadsticks
Monday: Chili leftovers
Tues: Pork tenderloin with swiss chard & polenta (in this month's Everyday Food, but not on the site)
Wed: Church
Thurs: Polenta wedges with asparagus & mushrooms

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