Thursday, July 16, 2009

Summer Fun

As I'm sure you can tell from the lack of posting these days, when it gets hot outside, I don't cook. If the heat index is 100 or higher, it's just not worth working in a hot kitchen. During the summer months, raw or quickly cooked veggies and the slow cooker are my friends. I did make squash casserole and fried okra tonight, but we're in the midst of a nice cool spell - it was only in the high 80s. That's downright chilly for this part of the country in July!

I have started a garden this year, and while it's not much, we've loved having the fresh peppers (bell, jalapeno, and anaheim) and tomatoes (mostly cherry, but some better boy, and we should have some Roma soon).

For a funnier side to my garden... when I was starting some of my seedlings this year, I noticed some chipmunk holes in our yard. For kicks, I threw various kinds of seeds in to see what would happen. Y'all - my yard has been taken over by cantaloupe. And since it's thriving, I really don't want to get rid of it. It's way too big to move now, so it's just growing in the grass. I went out tonight and put bricks under the melons that have started growing so that they don't mildew in the wet grass. Hopefully they'll do okay like that and be yummy! Next year, I will not go throwing seeds in the yard like that. I also have two tomato plants growing in the yard in other chipmunk holes. Other than the grass around them being ugly, they're doing great!


Laura said...

Melons will grow anywhere. My mom once had some crowing on the side of the garage...and they somehow managed to make their way to the roof! There were pumpkins all over the place, it was insane.

You'll be reaping great rewards soon enough. :D

Me! said...

That is awesome! I want melons growing in my yard!