Sunday, May 31, 2009

The Garden and The Risotto

Life just doesn't slow down around here! Between meetings and traveling and just running the family, having time to cook new dishes has just vanished. I haven't even had much time to bake lately, and I'm so missing fresh bread! I have had time to water the things we've gotten planted, so I guess that's positive. :)

We had all these grand plans for a big garden this year, but really haven't had time to till up the plot (although it's the perfect spot!), so we have this one tiny area and then a bunch of containers. I'm so excited about the tomatoes - that's one of my very favorite things about summer, so I'm very ready for them to be ready to eat. We've also got some bell peppers growing, and lots of herbs. I just put some zucchini plants I had started in the ground, and have some squash and cantaloupe I need to get in the ground as well. I did happen to throw some cantaloupe seeds in a mole hole in our yard, and noticed some sprouts this week. I really didn't think they would grow, but they have, so I guess we'll have some cantaloupe in the middle of the yard.

Despite not having much time to make new dishes lately, I did try Pastor Ryan's Shrimp Risotto tonight, and it did not disappoint. If you haven't tried this yet, you should - it's fabulous!
On a funnier note, I attempted to make a cheesecake for cooking club last month. Yeah, this one I'll just leave to the bakeries, I think.

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Travis and Amber said...

I just saw that risotto on PW, glad you liked it, I may have to try it!