Saturday, February 21, 2009

Italian Bread Bowls

I love the recipe for Italian Bread Bowls that I found over at My Kitchen Cafe a while back. I keep some of these bread bowls in the freezer at all times - they're not only great for soup, but also great alone. This bread is nice and crusty, and a bit chewy, but a little more airy than French bread. We like to just pull out a "bowl" and eat it with dinner.

When I was making this today to replenish the freezer stock, I decided to make some mini-loaves as well. The only difference - instead of shaping bowls, I just made them into a loaf shape. I got 4 small-medium size bowls and 3 small loaves out of the recipe. The loaves probably should feed 3-4 people, but they're a perfect size for the 2 adults who live here (we eat way more bread than we should).

One other thing I do differently in this recipe is to allow the bread to bake for 10 minutes before brushing on the egg wash (and I only do one coat) - every time I tried to do it before the bread went into the oven, it would majorly deflate. I have no idea why. Anyone know? It still tastes fabulous, though!


Nancy said...

I think these are next on my list to try...

Sara said...

These look so good! I bake bread all the time, but have never made bread bowls before. I'll have to try it soon.