Sunday, January 4, 2009

Ciabatta Bread

I love ciabatta bread. It's fantastic alone or as garlic bread or for a sandwich. I especially enjoy it for paninis. I've made the harvest grains ciabatta, and we love it - we frequently eat it with soups and chili. We eat it often enough that I just keep a couple of loaves in the freezer.

Today I decided to try regular ciabatta, and so I used a trusty King Arthur Flour recipe. It came out with a nice crust and light and holey on the inside. Tastes fantastic. And easy as can be. The electric mixer does all the work.

One thing I have learned about baking over the last couple of months - it really is best to weigh ingredients, rather than just measure them. If I go by my measuring cups, I generally need 1/4 C less flour, so I now weigh critical things like that. There's a fantastic conversion chart in the front of the King Arthur Flour Baker's Companion for measurement in volume to weight in ounces.


a witt said...

Hi Kate! This is Gina from "What's for Dinner?" Thanks for the mention on your blogroll! This ciabatta looks amazing, and I AM amazed because I'm a terrible baker...

I'll be reading!

Megan said...

I am so going to make this bread on Saturday! I think I'll do the regular ciabatta instead of the harvest grains, just so I can get all of the ingredients at the store. We were going to get some nice bread last time we were at the grocery store, but didn't because it was about $5 a loaf. Hopefully this is more economical!

By the way - I haven't seen you in ages!! I hope you and the family are doing well, and hopefully see you soon.

Domestic Kate said...

This really was a super-easy bread to make. On the harvest grains ciabatta, I think you could use any seed mixture you wanted - you could make a mixture from the bins at Whole Foods. That's what I'll do next time, rather than buying the Harvest Grains mixture (although we do like it).

We're still in sick kid phase, so we've fallen off the face of the earth - we've been tag-teaming Sunday mornings. I'm ready for this phase to be over! :) A season for everything, I suppose, and I shouldn't complain, given how healthy my little guy is.

bakers said...

Thanks for the mention of King Arthur Flour-there really is nothing as wonder as homemade bread and this one is really fun to make.
Joan @ bakershotline