Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Christmas Menus

I've finally nailed down (I think, anyway) the Christmas menus. Christmas Eve will be coming and going as we take turns going to the Christmas Eve services and visiting with everyone, so that will be an appetizer meal. Recipes and pictures to come.

Most of the things I've chosen are because a) a lot can be done ahead of time, b) there's some healthy stuff thrown in (I know, who eats healthy on Christmas??), and c) it's good stuff!

Christmas Eve:

Onion souffle with melba toast
Dixie Caviar and Ro-tel dip with tortilla chips
Spicy Chicken on Pita Wedges
Marinated Asparagus With Pecans
Whatever frozen bite-sized appetizer looks good at Costco
Apple Pecan Bread
Lemon Custard Bites

Christmas Morning:

Pierogs (tradition in my husband's family)
Cheese Grits
Mini Quiche (so cheating and getting these at Costco)
Banana bread
Pumpkin bread
Coffee, Tea, OJ

Christmas Lunch:

Roasted Broccoli
Roasted Roots (carrots and parsnips)
Pyramid Potatoes
Green beans with lemon, garlic, and toasted almonds
Corn Casserole (I had to have at least one casserole)
The Famous Rolls
Birthday Cake (kidlet turns 1 on Christmas day!)
Pie of some variety

Christmas Evening:

Tuscan Vegetable Soup
Harvest Grains Ciabatta

The plan for all of the cooking:

Weekend before:

  • Make the spicy chicken topping for the spicy chicken pita wedges and freeze
  • Bake apple pecan, banana, and pumpkin breads and freeze
  • Make and bake pierogs and freeze
  • Since I need the ham for the pierogs, go ahead and bake it with the honey glaze, cut into slices, and freeze
  • Assemble pyramid potatoes and freeze before baking
  • Make rolls and freeze
  • Bake more harvest grain ciabatta and freeze

Tuesday (23rd):

  • Chop all onions I'll need and keep in baggies in fridge
  • Make Dixie Caviar (it's actually better after a day or so)
  • Make marinated asparagus (needs to sit overnight)

Wednesday (24th):


  • Pick up birthday cake (sounds like a great job for the Hubs and kidlet!)
  • Assemble onion souffle and refrigerate until ready to bake
  • Make lemon custard bites and refrigerate
  • Make green beans for Christmas Day

Late Afternoon

  • Assemble pita wedges
  • Bake onion souffle
  • Throw some Velveeta and Ro-tel into a mini slow-cooker
  • Bake appetizers from freezer
  • Take top off of veggie tray (Seriously, I'm not doing all that chopping and washing. Costco is just as capable.)


  • Assemble corn casserole and refrigerate
  • Take ham, potatoes, pierogs, and breads out of freezer to fridge

Christmas Day:

For Breakfast

  • Make cheese grits
  • Heat up quiche and pierogs
  • Set everything out


  • Roast broccoli and root vegetables
  • Put pyramid potatoes and corn casserole in oven to bake
  • Heat up green beans, ham, and rolls
  • Enjoy lunch!

Late afternoon

  • Make soup & warm up bread

Having a plan breaks everything up nicely and allows me to not spend too much time in the kitchen while everyone is here. And it also ensures I won't forget anything!


Megan said...

I am just in awe! Sounds like so much fun, and you have everything so perfectly organized! I am also so thankful to God for his blessings to y'all this year. I'm sure you much prefer spending time in your kitchen to a hospital room. : )

Tommy and Sandi said...

What a difference a year makes! I was just looking at a photo of you (lying in the hospital bed), Dan (rubbing your back), and Sam (on the runway). God has so blessed us!

Now, we've read the blog and can't wait to get to your house next week! Love you, Mom and Dad