Saturday, November 29, 2008

French Bread

I never thought I could make homemade French bread. It just seemed too difficult. Until I actually looked at a recipe, and decided that I could conquer this breadmaking task.

I used the recipe over at My Kitchen Cafe (lots of other great stuff there as well) for Grandma's French Bread. I couldn't get over how easy this was. Using the stand mixer made things simple, and then all I had to do by hand was roll it out. I even did this in between putting up Christmas decorations, so even though the total time it took before baking was an hour and a half, very little of that time was spent in the kitchen with it.
Two things I will change next time - I got a little flour-happy and a little cornmeal-happy in the last couple of steps. I will use less of each for the rolling out and baking steps. The bread still tastes fantastic, though. This is fabulous recipe!


Melanie said...

Your bread looks fantastic! Thanks for trying the recipe and commenting to let me know you liked it. I'm especially glad to add your cooking blog to my google reader!

Megan said...

Have you found any good whole wheat recipes? I would love to make my own bread, but I don't want to use that much white flour (says the girl who eats chocolate chip cookies by the handful!).

Domestic Kate said...

I haven't tried anything with whole wheat yet, but I'd like to. I would guess the King Arthur blog would have good stuff (Baker's Banter blog on the blogroll). I may try some of the recipes I do have with half and half, and just see how they turn out.

Domestic Kate said...

This one looks really good, but does require extra ingredients. I actually ordered some of the Harvest Grains Blend to try.